A sales assistant informed my wife that she didn’t meet the ‘beauty standards’ required to work at their store, prompting me to come back days later to execute the ideal retaliation.

A store assistant dared to bring MY wife to tears by being mean. She did that all because my spouse sought employment at the establishment she worked at. After hearing my wife’s tale, I took action to redress the situation. What I did ensured that the assistant would think twice when addressing anyone else!

This is an exciting tale about pure and sweet revenge! My name is Thomas, and Emma, my wife, has ALWAYS had an eye for fashion. Her wardrobe is a testament to her impeccable taste. Not that I am biased or showing off, but my Emma knows all there is to know about the latest trends!

I mean, most days, she’s the one who dresses me. No, not because I am sexist and think it’s her job, but because she LOVES doing that. And to be honest, I look FANTASTIC each time, so I’m NOT complaining!

For years, my wife skirted around her true passion. She did all sorts of jobs. Like being a receptionist, and a nurse at one point (sadly short-lived), and even dabbled in art. But she still couldn’t find her place.


Recently, my beloved wife decided to turn her passion for fashion (see what I did there) into a career. She started actively searching for a job in retail. Her thinking was that it would fit perfectly with her interests.

When she got home all emotional one day, she told me the story of what happened. Emma explained that on that fateful day, she was at the shopping center in the afternoon. She then noticed a famous lingerie store with a “Now Hiring” poster on the window.

Excited, she revealed, “I immediately went inside to inquire! But boy, was I in for the shock of my life.” She shared how her excitement started dying down when she approached the sales assistant and tried to speak to her.

The rude woman didn’t even glance my wife’s way until she was DIRECTLY in front of her! A bit down but still quite enthusiastic, Emma asked about the job application process. Instead, the assistant looked her up and down with a sneer and an attitude. Then she delivered the stinging words:

“Look, hun, I don’t think you’re pretty enough for this job. NO CHANCE. Don’t even try, okay?”

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