My Father Left Me His Mansion While His New Wife and Daughter Got Only $10,000 Each

In a shocking twist, I inherited my estranged father’s mansion and fortune, leaving his second wife and daughter with a mere fraction. But as I was starting to adjust to my new life, I discovered a secret and was faced with a choice that would test my integrity.

Hey there! Do I have a story for you! It’s about a family drama and a whole lot of money. Sounds like a soap opera, right? But this is my life, I’m Angela, a 19-year-old who thought she knew her estranged dad until recently.

Let’s rewind a bit. My dad, well, he’s a piece of work. Broke my mom’s heart by having an affair with Clara and then had my half-sister, Lily. After the divorce when I was 10, I lived with my mom and saw my dad sporadically.

To be honest, I wasn’t missing much. Growing up, my dad was more like a guest star in the sitcom of my life, popping up now and then, but never really part of the main cast.


After he left us for Clara, his affair-turned-second-wife, it felt like he didn’t just move out, he kinda checked out of my life too.

My mom, though, she’s a total rockstar. She picked up the pieces without ever dissing him in front of me, always saying he loved me in his own messed-up way.

My dad lived in this ridiculously huge mansion by the coast, made his fortune, sold his business for a million, and that house? It’s on an island, the biggest land around, sold for a fortune too. But despite his wealth, he was bitter, holding grudges like trophies.

When my dad sold his business and moved into that mansion on the island, it was like he was building his own fortress of solitude. Our already rare visits became even less frequent, turning our relationship into something you’d barely call acquaintances.

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