I Got a Photo of My Fiancé Kissing My Best Friend Just Hours after I Left for a Business Trip — They Soon Regretted It

“Two months before our wedding, I discovered that my fiancé had cheated on me, and shockingly, with my best friend. Both had deceitfully looked me in the eyes for months, while I generously provided for them and showered them with all my love. Despite the shock, I mustered the courage to regain my composure and plan my response.”

“Just last month, as I was getting settled in my hotel room on a business trip, my phone vibrated with a new message from my sister, Emily. I assumed it would be a simple check-in, not something that would make me question the entirety of my relationship.”

“The message contained a photo of my fiancé, Mike, and my best friend, Liz, blatantly kissing outside a café. Not just any café, but the very one where Mike and I had our first date. Seeing them together in such a flagrant act of disrespect felt like a punch to the gut.”

“My heart shattered. Mike and I had been together for three years, our wedding just two months away. And Liz? She’s been my companion since we were in diapers. There I sat, gazing at the photo, my mind spinning.”


“I just couldn’t fathom their betrayal. I had been financing Liz’s college, rent, and car because her parents couldn’t afford it. I’ve been her financial backbone for the last three years. Meanwhile, she was planning my wedding, all the while having an affair with my future husband.”

“As for Mike? He’s been living in my apartment rent-free, allowing him to save his earnings for the business he’s always dreamed of starting. I handle 90% of the household chores so he can unwind after work, and I’m completely responsible for our four dogs.”

“I felt so stupid… How could I be so naive?”

“But the moment I saw that photo, I knew it was enough. I couldn’t just let it slide. They had to pay for what they did, and merely causing a scandal would be too mild. I quickly pulled myself together and switched off my emotions.”

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