Pregnant Wife Sees Best Friend’s Message on Husband’s Phone: ‘You Haven’t Told Her about Us?

An anonymous Reddit user discovered her husband cheated with her best friend. The woman was six months pregnant when she learned of the heartbreaking news. Fortunately, her in-laws took her side.

An anonymous Reddit user shared a heartbreaking story about her family. The woman had been dating her husband since she was 19, and he was 22. They were married for six years with two kids and one on the way.

Even though she was excited about expanding her family, she also discovered that her father, the only parent she had left, had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She hoped her father would beat the cancer but later found out he was not reacting to the treatment and only had months to live.

Her husband supported her through this challenging time, watching her father’s health and memory deteriorate. “My husband has been my absolute rock. He has been there for me holding my hand and helping me through this. He’s been so loving and attentive to both my kids and me,” wrote the Reddit user.


Despite how difficult things had been for her, the mother of three reiterated that she did not let any of her hardships get in between her and her children. She was still a present mother and gave her children all the attention they needed. The original poster (OP) was also a great wife and did not slack in any of the work she usually did around the house.

In addition to her husband, the anonymous Reddit user also had the support of her childhood best friend. ”My best friend and I have been friends since diapers. Her family is like my family and vice versa,” she explained. So, it was no surprise that her best friend was her shoulder to cry on during her father’s cancer battle. However, something happened that turned their lives upside down.

What Discovery Did OP Make That Changed Her Marriage?
One morning, OP was up with her sick three-year-old when one of her husband’s alarms went off. He usually set a few of them before waking up and she took the liberty to switch it off. When she leaned over the phone, she saw a text from her best friend that read,

“I’m assuming since there hasn’t been an angry pregnant lady on my doorstep, you haven’t told her about us yet?”

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