I Encountered My Former Fiancé Who Ended Our Engagement Claiming I ‘Didn’t Meet His Standards’ – He Was Out with Someone New and My Retaliation Was Severe

Hi everyone, I’m Nikki, and I want to share a story about how sometimes karma just needs a little nudge. It all began when I spotted my ex-fiancé at a fancy restaurant with another woman. What started as an ordinary night out for me turned into a delicious opportunity for sweet revenge.

Before we move on to the main story, here’s a bit of context. About five years ago, I was engaged to this guy named Mark. We had been together for three years and I was in love with him: you know, the kind where you cannot imagine your life without your favorite person.

Luckily, Mark reciprocated my feelings and always assured me that he too felt the same way. We were deep into our wedding plans and I was over the moon to start a new chapter of my life with him when, out of the blue, he called it quits. Yes, you heard that right. He broke up with me.

His reasoning? I “wasn’t good enough for him.” Apparently, he’d landed a big promotion at work and suddenly felt like I didn’t fit his new image. Sounds crazy, right?


According to him, he needed someone more refined, someone posh—basically, someone who wasn’t me. He claimed I lacked ambition and drive and that he wanted a partner who could match his “high standards.” It hit me hard. I was a total wreck, wallowing in self-misery for months.

I knew I had to pull myself together, but I just didn’t know how. Everything reminded me of him, of us, and of the time we had spent together. It took me ages to move on from him, but the pain is still fresh in my mind, and so are the memories.

It hit me hard, and it took me ages to move on from him. Fast forward to the present: I’m 35, delightfully single, and absolutely thriving in my career. Last Saturday, I decided to treat myself to dinner at a fancy new restaurant in town.

Guess who I saw through the window as I approached the entrance? You guessed it: Mark! He looked just as smug as ever, laughing and enjoying dinner with some stunning woman.

I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by; I had to warn her in a way he’d never see coming. So, I stepped into the restaurant, feeling a surge of anger, and then, suddenly, inspiration struck.

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