My DIL Secretly Ruined My Place after I Refused to Trade Houses with Her – I Had Nothing Left but to Teach Her a Lesson of Respect

A few months after her husband, Adam, passed away, Anne’s son, Charlie buys her a new home closer to him. Initially hesitant, Anne finally decides to move. But then she has to deal with her jealous daughter-in-law, Angela, who just wants the house. After Angela pulls a stunt that results in the house being fumigated, Anne has no choice but to teach her a lesson.

After my husband of 53 years passed away six months ago, I felt heartbroken. Everything in the house reminded me of Adam and the memories we had made there.

Sometimes it was comforting, but at other times, the loneliness felt too suffocating, making me curl into a ball and sleep on Adam’s side of the bed for some form of comfort.

My son, Charlie, saw how difficult it was for me, and he wanted me to move closer to him and his wife, Angela.


“Mom, I’ve already found a place for you. It’s about five minutes away from us, and I’ve already put in an offer,” Charlie said.

“Honey, I can’t ask you to do that for me,” I said, speaking to him on the phone. “I cannot ask you to buy me a house.”

“You’re not asking,” he replied, chewing on trail mix on the other end. “I’m offering. Mm… and we can have it ready for you to move in at the end of next week if you’d like.”

I was initially hesitant, but I eventually agreed to move. I knew that Charlie and Angela were trying to have a baby, and I thought that the most healing thing for me would be to care for that baby when it arrived.

So, Charlie helped me pack all my things, and soon, I was ready for a new chapter. Despite missing Adam, I knew that I needed to move on.

I moved into my new home easily, because my son had sorted everything out for me.

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