I Learned of My Son’s Birth Through a Facebook Update – Was My Response to My Wife Appropriate?

I discovered my son’s birth through a Facebook post. What came next shattered my world and forced me to teach my wife a lesson she would never forget.

It’s hard to believe this is my reality. But here I am. My wife, Julia, and I had wanted kids for years. So, when she finally got pregnant last year, we were thrilled.

I wanted to be the best husband and future father I could. Her father had never been involved in her life, and my brother isn’t the most involved dad.

I saw too many problems up close when husbands were absent, and I was determined not to make the same mistakes. However, just a few weeks into her pregnancy, everything started going downhill.

Julia stopped wanting sex. “I just don’t feel like it, Mason. It’s too much right now,” she would say. I understood it was due to hormones and stress, so I respected her wishes. But then she didn’t want any physical interaction. No cuddling, no kissing. On top of that, she became increasingly distant.


Her eating habits constantly changed. One evening, Julia demanded, “Mason, I need pickles and ice cream right now.”

“Sure thing, honey,” I replied, hurrying to the store. When I returned, she snapped, “I don’t want this! I want sushi!”

“Julia, you asked for this just an hour ago,” I said, confused.

“I don’t care! Just get me sushi,” she screamed. I attributed this to hormonal issues and dealt with it.

She never let me go to any appointments or groups she attended. “It’s just easier if I go alone,” she insisted. “I don’t want you hovering over me.”

“But I want to be involved, Julia,” I protested.

“I said no, Mason!” she snapped. She spent more time away from home, became cold and bitter, and was constantly angry at me. This went on for months.

One night, I came home exhausted. “Julia, I made dinner,” I called out

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