Woman Discovers Her Partner’s Betrayal as He Offers Marriage Proposal

Talented artist Emma is devoted to her businessman boyfriend of three years, Daniel. But when he proposes with a ring that triggers an unsettling memory, she launches an investigation into the past that unearths the man’s true nature.

The sun was setting, painting the city in orange and pink hues. Emma, a graphic designer, was dining with Daniel, her businessman boyfriend of three years, at a fancy restaurant. They were having a good time, laughing and talking.

But then, Daniel seemed nervous. He took Emma’s hand and said, “Emma, I’ve been so happy with you. You make my life better. I want us to always be together.”

Emma smiled, feeling happy but also a bit surprised. Daniel then presented a ring and asked, “Will you marry me, Emma?”

Some diners turned to look at them…

But Emma noticed something on the ring — a certain pattern — that made her feel unsure about saying yes. It made her doubt Daniel, but she didn’t show it.


“Daniel, it-it’s beautiful,” she replied, although her intuition said Daniel had betrayed her. Where have I seen this ring?

Not sensing her worry, Daniel asked again, “Will you marry me?”

Emma felt stuck. She didn’t want to create a scene by saying no to him in front of the people watching them.

“I-I need a moment, please,” she replied and went to the restroom to think.

When she came back, she took a deep breath and faced Daniel calmly. “This is a lot to think about all at once, Daniel,” she said. “I love you, but I need some time.”

Daniel nodded. “Take your time,” he said with a calm smile. “I just want you to be happy. I’ll be waiting for your answer.”

The next day, Emma sat at her computer, feeling uneasy. She remembered seeing Daniel’s proposal ring before and started looking through his Facebook photos. While at it, she found a picture of Sophie, his ex, wearing the same ring.

Emma felt betrayed because Daniel never told her he had been engaged to Sophie. Yes, she knew Daniel and Sophie had dated for two years, but when did they get engaged?

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