I Found My Husband’s Secret List, Which Contained Names of 15 of His Female Employees — Next to 11 of Them Was ‘+’ Sign

When I discovered an incriminating book hidden in my husband’s office, I knew it pointed to something sinister! After sharing the information with a dear friend, I was determined to make him pay for what I believed was infidelity. But boy, was I soo wrong!

My husband is a successful businessman. He runs his own company, which has more than fifty employees. Sadly, his dedication to work often keeps him late at the office. That was the case on this particular evening as he prepared for an important conference the following day.

The event was a significant milestone for him, and he had been immersed in preparations for weeks. While Todd was away, I decided to do some deep cleaning around the house. His office on the second floor was my last stop.

On that day, as I cleaned, dusted, and organized his home office, I decided to go through his desk drawer junk. I stumbled upon a notebook tucked away in his desk drawer while rummaging. I hadn’t seen it before.

Curious, I opened it and began flipping through the pages. Suddenly, I froze. There, on one page, was something you wouldn’t believe. I’d stumbled on a list of female names! There were fifteen names in total.


Besides eleven was a plus (+) sign, and some even had many pluses next to them, two or three of them. My heart pounded. These names seemed oddly familiar. I called my friend Lisa, who worked at Todd’s company. “Hey Lee, do you recognize these names?” I read the list aloud.

“Yeah, they all work here,” Lisa replied, her voice tinged with concern. My eyes went wide with this revelation. I told her where I’d found them. “I’ve seen that notebook in his office. Why?” Everything clicked into place. Todd had been spending more time away from home, and our relationship had cooled.

The realization hit me hard and immediately: he was cheating on me with these women. The number of pluses indicated how many times he had been unfaithful with each one. My world crumbled around me.

In a daze, I grabbed my coat and took a taxi to Lisa’s apartment. When I arrived, I broke down in tears. She hugged me, offering wine and a listening ear. We sat on her couch, the wine loosening our tongues and amplifying our emotions.

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