Mother-in-Law Snoops on Daughter’s Texts — Son-in-Law Intentionally Sends Messages to Catch Her in the Act

A man avenged his nosey mother-in-law by sending his wife a text that made her mother question their relationship. His wife thought the situation was funny, but her mother did not.

A man was married to his wife for a while and thought she was an incredible woman. The only issue was that her mother was quite nosey, which bothered her husband.

The man noticed that any time his wife left her phone unattended, her mother would pick it up and go through it. He thought it was strange, but his wife felt it was the remnants of her mother’s controlling nature from when she was younger.

Although the woman didn’t think it was a big deal, the man did not enjoy his mother-in-law’s snooping because he felt that he and his wife discussed things he didn’t feel were anybody else’s business. So, he found a way to get revenge.


It was Christmas, and the man’s mother-in-law had visited to celebrate the holiday with them. He said she was enjoyable, had a great attitude, and was pleasant to be around, except for her snooping and prudish behavior.

A smart phone on the kitchen counter | Source: Getty Images

The man left his mother-in-law in the kitchen with his wife’s phone and went to the bathroom, where he began composing a text to his wife that he knew would shock the mom when she read it.

He called the text “sexually depraved” as it contained everything he would do to her when everyone had left the house later that day. He admitted that he and his wife had not even done some of the things he mentioned, but he wanted the text to be extremely shocking.

As the man sat in the bathroom, he heard an audible gasp from his mother-in-law in the kitchen, and at that moment, he knew she had read the sexually explicit text. When he exited the bathroom, he said:

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