Arrogant Employee Insulted My Wife, an Office Cleaner — I Was Enraged and Set Him Straight

Entitled Worker Belittled My Wife, Who Works as an Office Cleaner — I Was Furious and Put Him in His Place

Susan, a 61-year-old office cleaner, was humiliated when a coworker, Mark, deliberately knocked over her mop bucket and insulted her. After HR dismissed her complaints, Susan and her husband Jack took action, exposing Mark’s abusive behavior and fighting for justice.

My wife, Susan, is 61 and works as a cleaner in an office. She loves the job because it provides some extra money and, with the flexible hours, she gets to spend more time with our grandkids. Plus, she can enjoy her favorite hobby — reading books. But recently, something unfortunate happened at her job.

One evening, she came home looking upset. I noticed immediately.

“Susan, what’s wrong?” I asked, putting down my newspaper.

She sighed and sat down beside me. “You won’t believe what happened at work today, Jack.”

“What is it? Tell me.”


She took a deep breath. “I was mopping the hallway floor, minding my own business. Suddenly, I heard the company manager, Mr. Thompson, yelling at someone. He was really laying into them for missing a deadline. Said it cost the company an important sponsor.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” I remarked, leaning in closer.

“No, it wasn’t,” she continued. “The yelling was so loud that even people walking by stopped to listen.”

“Who was he yelling at?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t see from where I was. But then, out of nowhere, this man with an angry face stormed out of the office. He looked furious.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I just kept mopping, trying to stay out of his way. But then he came right up to me and kicked over my bucket of water.”

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