A woman hid several boxes in her attic from her husband for 40 years

One day, at the man’s insistence, the woman let him go up and open the boxes, but she was shocked and burst into tears when she saw what was hiding inside the boxes.

A woman from the United States named Kris Bresnan kept a secret from her husband for 40 years. After storing a lot of boxes in the attic for so many years, the time came for her husband to find out what was hidden in all those boxes.

This story of the boxes actually begins in 1975, when the two fell in love and decided to go on a vacation away from the noise of the crowded New York City.


During the holidays, on a day when they were laughing and playing, Bill, Kris’s husband, handed her a napkin that she said was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that he loved her, and at the end, he drew the symbol infinity.

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