Our Granddaughter Demanded We Sell Our House to Help Her Boyfriend Start a Business – We Gave Her a Reality Check

When Mary and George become grandparents, they want nothing more than to spoil their granddaughter, Ellie. But as Ellie grows into herself, and is almost off to college—the couple have to teach her a lesson in understanding whom to trust with her heart, and their money.

The moment my daughter, Monica, was married, I realized that George and I had finally earned our time off. We were the parents of a married woman, who would eventually give us grandchildren.

And until those grandchildren came into our lives—we were going to take advantage of the healthy years we had left.

A few years later, Monica and Eddie gave birth to our only granddaughter, Ellie.

Time flew with George and I doting on her. She was our chance at redemption—for us to parent correctly.

“This little girl is everything,” George said when we came home from the hospital on the day Ellie was born.


“We’re going to give her all that we can, Mary, okay?” he said as we got into bed.

I agreed. This was our opportunity to do everything correctly—and we had money now, so spoiling our granddaughter was something that we could do.

Fast forward to eighteen years later.

Now, Ellie is in high school, almost on her way to college. She grew up in front of us with all the attitude that Monica had as a child—and George and I relished every moment of it.

But then, Ellie’s attitude changed. Her feisty personality was no longer cute but rather something that threatened to change everything about her.

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