Groomsman gets cheeky at friends’ wedding, hilarious moment captured on film

A man from Arizona is horrified after a cheeky photo of him went viral.

Recently, Brennan Young, 24, shared a photo of him and his fellow groomsmen “praying over their good friend Owen as he is about to get married.”

While the charming image shows the bond between the men, it also shows something else that has the online population cracking up. Keep reading to learn why this groomsman says he “ruined a sweet moment!”

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In mid-April, a 24-year-old man from Arizona shared a photo of him praying with his fellow groomsmen before their friend Owen was wed.

“This is a really sweet and wholesome photo, right? It’s just a couple of groomsmen praying over their good friend Owen as he is about to get married,” says Brennan Young at the start of the clip, which features the candid shot in the background.

Young graciously moves his head, allowing fans to get a full view of the photo, which shows the dapper men in light gray pants and white shirts, huddled in a circle.

“Well, that’s my butt,” Young says about the epic wedgie seen on his behind. “Those are my butt cheeks, I tried to pull up my pants so that they would fit better on my ankles. But, as you can tell, my butt looked like that the entire night.”

The man then explains he had no idea his butt was being so cheeky until he got a text from his newly wed friend.

“I had no clue until [Owen] texted it the next day and said, ‘Benny is cheeked up.’ So yeah, I am cheeked up and I’m never pulling up my pants ever again.”

At the end of the clip, he said, “This was a great photo that was ruined because of my butt!”

Cracking up

Online users jumped into the comments section of the now viral image, offering their thoughts on the hilarious image.

One fan writes, “The cheeks were praying too,” while a second jokes, “Cheeked up at the wedding.”

A third shares, “Your butt is eating those pants.”

American singer SZA even joined the conversation, “Sometimes prayers are moving to a booty clenching level…I respect it.”

Young captions the post, that has 1.5 million views, “I’m never pulling up my pants ever again! I blame Men’s Wearhouse. I blame myself. I hate that someone captured this. I’ll never live it down but at least I can laugh!”

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