My Spouse Insisted on Retaining an Enigmatic Oil Portrait of a Lady – His Concealed Motive Astonished Me

A young lady took to Reddit to narrate the tale of something that had robbed her of countless nights’ sleep. When she finally unraveled the truth, she realized that the very cause of her sleeplessness also turned out to be the reason her life was spared.

Upon Tara and Eric’s initial foray into married life, the euphoria of their honeymoon phase was interjected by the typical tribulations that challenge a young union: debates over personal territory, disagreements concerning chores, and notably, clashes regarding home adornment. Amidst these domestic altercations, one specific bone of contention stood out—a mysterious oil portrait of a woman that Tara’s husband fervently insisted on retaining.

The portrait, reportedly acquired at a rummage sale before Eric encountered Tara and with no discernible provenance, depicted a young woman with golden locks cascading like a waterfall over her shoulders, clad in a simple white cotton gown. The artwork was executed in oil, capturing the light in a manner that imparted vitality. Yet, despite her allure, Tara found an unsettling ambiance emanating from the portrait, particularly since her husband had opted to display it prominently above their bed.


Tara’s disquietude regarding the portrait was palpable. Its presence loomed ominously in their bedroom, often leaving her roused in the dead of night, feeling as though the woman’s penetrating gray gaze was fixed upon her. Her discomfort burgeoned to the extent that she implored her husband, Eric, to relocate the artwork.

Tara endeavored to convey to Eric that the portrait clashed with their contemporary decor, to which Eric retorted that Tara’s FunkoPops, also on exhibition in their bedroom, were no different. Reluctantly, Tara acquiesced and permitted Eric to retain the portrait in the bedroom. Nonetheless, her sleep continued to be disturbed by the artwork, prompting her to propose that if Eric moved the portrait out of the bedroom, she would relocate her FunkoPops.

He begrudgingly consented, relocating it to the staircase, exacerbating Tara’s unease as the portrait seemed to track her movements with its gaze. The situation reached a tipping point one restless night when Tara, venturing out of bed for a nocturnal repast, was startled by the portrait, mistaking it for an intruder amidst the dimly lit abode.

Tara apprised Eric of the distress caused by the portrait, catalyzing a fervent plea for its complete removal. Eric’s subsequent decision to transfer the portrait to his office offered temporary respite but heralded the inception of a deeper enigma.

Tara observed Eric spending disproportionate intervals in his office, often ensconced with the portrait. While aware of his substantial workload, she presumed he was engrossed in its completion. Little did she anticipate a more sinister truth.

One evening, Eric’s absence at dinner piqued Tara’s curiosity, leading her to his office where she found him in a trance, fixated on the portrait. Upon Tara’s entry, Eric claimed to have just concluded his project, assuring her of its approval and his imminent descent for dinner.

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