My MIL Ruined My Wedding Dress during the Ceremony, but Karma Hit Her Back Immediately

My mother-in-law (MIL) tried all she could to separate me and her son from each other because she didn’t approve of me. On the day of our wedding, my MIL pulled a stunt I couldn’t forgive, and karma quickly came for her in unexpected ways! She respects me today!

Hi everyone! I’ve got a shocking story to share that still gets me quite upset when I think about it. Here’s my tale. My husband, Josh, and I have been together for five years, and his mother, Samantha, has always been against me.

The reason for her feelings about me is due to my coming from an ordinary family. The poor woman had high hopes that Josh would get what she described as a “better” match and planned a top-notch partner for him.

At first, her disapproval of me manifested in seemingly innocent and minor things. Like she would “forget” to congratulate me on my birthday or not invite me to family dinners. Then, it got harsher when Josh was going to propose to me.


My mother-in-law (MIL) discovered the date through my sister-in-law (SIL), Megan. On that evening during our romantic dinner, Samantha called Josh. She claimed to have had a heart attack and needed him immediately by her side.

“Josh, it’s your mother. I need you right now!” Samantha’s voice trembled over the phone. Josh’s face turned pale, but his phone buzzed again. Megan’s message popped up: “She’s faking it. Don’t fall for it!”

“Are you sure?” Josh texted back quickly.

“Yes, she’s sitting here eating ice cream and watching TV,” Megan replied. Thanks to that heads-up, he didn’t fall for Samantha’s trick! We managed to have a lovely romantic dinner and a beautiful engagement, knowing his mother was faking her condition to get his attention.

The months leading up to the wedding were a nightmare. Samantha did everything she could to sabotage our plans. She complained about the venue, criticized my dress, and even tried to convince Josh to call the whole thing off!

“Josh, do you really think she’s the RIGHT ONE for you?” Samantha would say, her tone dripping with condescension. “You could do so much better.”

“Mom, I love her. That’s all that matters,” Josh would reply, trying to keep his cool.

I thought my husband’s mother would relent, but then she showed up uninvited to my bridal shower! The woman made a scene, accusing me of trying to steal her son away and ruining his life!

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