My Husband Bragged about Buying Me Expensive Earrings When I Bought Them Myself, So I Gave Him a Reality Check

When Samantha reaches a huge milestone at work, she decides to celebrate the moment by treating herself to something expensive—a pair of diamond earrings. But when she and her husband are with their friends, and Ross takes full credit for it, she wants nothing more than to embarrass him. Will she do it? And more importantly, will she regret it?

I’ve always thought of myself as being an independent woman. Even when I got married to Ross—I knew that I needed to have my own sense of independence in some way. Which is how I threw myself into my career.

I work for a fashion house, writing content and making our catalogs look great. Recently, work has been going really well, and I received a promotion.

“Well done, Samantha!” my boss gushed. “You’re the person who takes our vision and translates it to the public. It’s a gift.”

Of course, I loved my job so it felt like the biggest reward to be acknowledged for my work.


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I celebrated my promotion by spoiling myself.

“What do you want to get for yourself?” my work colleague, Carol, asked me during our lunch.

“I don’t know,” I said, drizzling dressing all over my salad. “I don’t own anything incredibly fancy. So, I’m thinking jewelry.”

Carol and I went to the jewelry store across from the café we had lunch.

“Let’s just look around,” Carol said.

We walked around the store and I looked through the glass displays, waiting for something to catch my eyes. Which was when I saw them—a pair of exquisite diamond earrings.

“That’s the one,” I said.

The woman behind the display beamed at me.

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