Keith Urban and 11-year-old fan wow audiences with breathtaking duet

Let me introduce you to an unforgettable duet of an Adele classic that will leave you in awe!

Recorded during Sunfest in Florida back in 2015, this mesmerizing performance highlights the extraordinary talent of country music icon Keith Urban and American Idol contestant Lauren Spencer-Smith.

Together, they delivered a flawless rendition of Adele’s poignant ballad, ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ making the audience go wild!

What makes this performance truly remarkable is the heartwarming backstory. Known for his generosity, Keith Urban held a competition at each of his shows to select someone from the audience to join him on stage and sing.

During the Florida show, Keith handpicked 11-year-old prodigy Lauren, who stood before a crowd of 20,000 people, brimming with nerves and excitement.

For an adult to share the stage with Keith Urban in front of such a massive audience would be daunting, let alone for an eleven-year-old. Yet, Lauren’s remarkable confidence and talent shine through, earning her well-deserved recognition.

Prepare to be spellbound as you witness their enchanting performance in the below video!

It must have been an exhilarating moment for an 11-year-old. Stepping onto the stage, Keith hands her the microphone, and together, they deliver a rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love‘ that quickly went viral on YouTube. Lauren’s flawless performance captivates the audience, earning her widespread acclaim.

Witnessing how fearlessly Lauren took the stage, with Keith passing her the microphone, and together, they created magic with their duet. Since its release on in August 2015, the video has garnered over 7.3 million views and 57K likes on YouTube!

Lauren’s exceptional talent shines brightly, and it’s clear that the audience is captivated by her performance. Thousands of positive comments flood the video, with one viewer writing: “The first time I heard Lauren sing, she was 10, and I couldn’t believe how amazing her voice was! I knew that day she would be a superstar. Keep shining, Lauren! Proud to be from your hometown!”

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