I Caught My Husband with His Mistress in a Hotel — This Is a Romantic Trip They Will Never Forget

When Eliza’s 10th wedding anniversary comes around, she hopes that Tom will take her away for a romantic getaway. But when he forgets about their anniversary and needs to work, she turns it into a girls’ weekend, only for her to see that Tom’s business trip is a rendezvous with his mistress.

Ever since Tom first described the seaside charm of Bellport, I’d pictured us having a romantic week away there, walking hand in hand, retracing his cherished memories of the time he lived there.

Since we had gotten married, my husband had painted such vivid pictures of Bellport that it seemed woven into our marriage vows.

“It’s the most beautiful place, Eliza,” he would say, sipping his tea while paging through a newspaper.

Year after year, he promised that we would go, but life always seemed to get in the way—work obligations, family matters, and an endless parade of excuses.

“I’m sorry, Darling,” he would say. “It’s just that something came up at the office, and I have to attend to it.”

But then, when Tom forgot our 10th wedding anniversary, something inside me snapped.

“I have to leave town for the week,” he said while shaving. “It’s for work. We’re prospecting new clients.”

I had hoped that Tom would have told me to pack my bags and get ready to celebrate our romantic milestone—yet, it slipped his mind entirely.

Enough was enough.

I wasn’t about to be a footnote in my own love story.

So, I called my best friend, Jenny.

“We’re going away for my wedding anniversary!” I said as she answered the call.

“What?” she asked, surprised by my words, I could hear her slurping on her usual smoothie.

“Tom would hate that!”

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