Amy loved her husband Jake, which she got married when she was 25. They had their daughter Jess few months ago, and their lives turned into a mess through the comments of the mother-in-law.

They were happy with their newborn, who had beautiful green eyes, but the speculative comments of the mother-in-law was clearly menat to harm the couple.

As her husband never doubted his wife, as he never believed that she cheated on him, the neverending DNA test demands of her mother-in-law had led Amy to take a test. She only wanted to stop her mother-in-law to stop making mean comments.

As her husband never agreed for his wife to take a DNA test, after Amy asked, he let his wife go on with the test. As the results arrived, they invited their family over to talk about them, which Amy and Jake were shocked to see the results.


As everyone arrived at home, Amy turned to her husband, “Honey, Jess is your daughter but…” She continued, “Jess is indeed your daughter, but your dad isn’t actually your dad.”

As the room went silent, the mother-in-law’s face went pale. Her father-in-law was shocked with what Amy was saying. As the woman turned to her husband and said, “It’s a LIE, honey,” the man couldn’t hide his shock.

“Honey, this is a LIE! She must have influenced the results! I could never do that to you!” The mother-in-law continued.

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