A Waitress Stops Everything To Help A Homeless Man

When you work at a small café, you tend to deal with people on a one-on-one basis. Sometimes it may be a stranger that is in town and at other times, it could be a local family that you serve every week.

On one particular day, Marina was working at a local café and the waitress saw an unusual man walk in. He had worn clothing and looked out of sorts, and she could tell that he wasn’t quite the usual visitor.


Despite the fact that he didn’t look like he belonged, she walked up to him and took his older kindly. Other servers seemed to hold back but she showed him exceptional kindness, which the manager didn’t really approve of. He even said that he would deduct the meal cost from her paycheck if he didn’t pay.

To her surprise, he settled his bill and left a generous $5000 tip. It was a test that was put on by the café owner and it was his close friend who had come in and sat at the table that day. They wanted to see if the staff would pay attention to everyone who walked in.

Marina showed a lot of compassion and it impressed her boss, but it also showed that he was lacking in judgment. The manager was fired as a result but the waitress was promoted

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