Every time I planned a vacation, my wife would fall ill, so I resolved to be clever and teach her a lesson

In a world where routine often traps us, I secretly planned a vacation to reconnect with nature and teach my wife, Valerie, a lesson in understanding and empathy. However, the outcome was far from what I expected.

Hello everyone, Alan here. I’ve got a quirky yet enlightening story to share about my wife Valerie and a peculiar pattern that I’ve observed over the years. But first, let’s go back to where it all started.

Valerie and I met in an adult night class for Spanish, not through a whimsical, movie-like scenario but over a simple request for a pen. This small interaction sparked conversations, shared dinners, and eventually, a deep and loving relationship. As time passed, we got married, ready to face life’s challenges together. I was committed to being a supportive husband, and Valerie chose to be a stay-at-home mom—a role she embraced wholeheartedly.

However, there’s a twist to our seemingly perfect domestic life. I work a demanding job that often requires more than the standard 40 hours a week, sometimes intruding into my personal life. Despite this, I always look forward to my vacation days, seeing them as precious moments to unwind and recharge. But, mysteriously, every time I plan a break, Valerie falls ill.


Here’s a typical scenario: the day before a scheduled staycation, which we planned together well in advance, Valerie would suddenly be struck by an illness, often leaving her bedridden and in need of care. This recurring pattern made me forfeit many planned rests, and while Valerie always seemed genuinely apologetic, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and disappointed.

One incident stands out vividly when Valerie, looking utterly exhausted and in pain, tearfully apologized for ruining yet another vacation day. I could only offer consolation, suppressing my disappointment as I tended to her needs.

The most recent episode really made me rethink our situation. I returned home, excited for a couple of days off, only to find Valerie incapacitated by a severe backache, which she attributed to a full day of cleaning. However, while attending to the kids’ homework, the truth inadvertently came to light. Emma, our daughter, nonchalantly mentioned that her mom had been playing a farming game online all day, not cleaning as she had claimed.

This revelation was a turning point. It wasn’t just about a day lost to virtual farming; it was the recognition of a pattern that had me questioning the dynamics of our relationship. How could I have missed the signs? The clues were there, laid out plainly by my own children.

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