Elderly Couple Divorces after 53 Years of Marriage, Later Man Sees Ex-wife Dating in Cafe

When 75-year-old Richard spots his ex-wife Vanessa with a man 20 years her junior, he assumes they’re dating and starts a fight. To his surprise, Vanessa reveals that the man with her is their son he never knew existed. But that’s not the only secret Vanessa has been keeping.

Richard was walking home from the grocery store when an unpleasant sight stopped him in his tracks. His ex-wife, Vanessa, was walking arm-in-arm with a man around 20 years her junior.

“Is she seeing someone else…already?”

Richard was furious. He watched them enter a café and hurried in after them. Bitterness surged into his nerves when he witnessed Vanessa and the guy holding hands and smiling over something at a window table.


He couldn’t bear seeing Vanessa moving on so soon after their divorce. So he angrily stormed to their table.

“What the hell, Vanessa?” Richard banged on the table, startling Vanessa and the guy with her. “Well, well! My 72-year-old ex-wife has found a new man to romance just a few weeks after leaving her husband! Bravo..! And how long have you been together?”

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