My Husband Cheated On Me, Then His Pregnant Girlfriend Called Me & Said, ‘It Worked’

I tried my best to ignore the haunting feeling that my husband might be cheating on me. We had built a beautiful life together, but in the end, he was willing to stab me in the back. Little did he know I was a few steps ahead.

I am Patricia, 35 years old, and until recently, I thought I had a decent grasp on who I was and the life I was leading with my husband, Joseph, 40.

But recently I have been noticing a few changes in my husband’s behavior, which make me believe he’s cheating. He has just been a bit more secretive whenever he is texting or taking a phone call. Whenever we are sitting together his phone is always faced down.

He’s also been coming home late and having a bit too many work trips or late nights at the office. The other day, when he got back from one of his long nights at the office, I pretended to sleep while he tried to sneak into the house.

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