Entitled Mom Demands That I Obey Her Teen Son’s Wishes – Flight Attendant Teaches Them a Proper Lesson

On a long flight, Haley clashes with a teen and his entitled mom over a window shade. A sharp flight attendant intervenes, offering a surprising solution that leaves them speechless.

I buckled my seatbelt, ready for the long flight from New York to London. I love reading, so I brought a stack of books, hoping for a quiet trip across the Atlantic. Next to me, a teenage boy was watching a TV series on his tablet. Even though he wore headphones, I could still hear the noise.

His mom sat in the aisle seat, acting as if the plane was her living room. She had her hair sprayed stiff and gave me a sharp look as she sorted through her many handbags.

We didn’t talk much at first. I tried to focus on my book, but the sound from the boy’s show kept distracting me. It was full of loud battle scenes and laughter. I asked him nicely to turn it down.

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