My Husband Only Fed Himself, Ignoring Our Hungry Kids and Me — I Gave Him a Stern Lesson

Life sure loves to test us with its unexpected twists. Just about a month ago, I faced a situation that really made me rethink the dynamics in our family. I’m Nancy, and here’s a little glimpse into the rollercoaster that my life has been lately.

I’ve been the primary earner for most of my marriage to Liam. I was always bustling around, serving tables at a downtown restaurant. That was until I broke my leg. Suddenly, I was thrown into a reality where I couldn’t work, and our family’s financial buffer started to thin dangerously.


Liam has tried to pick up the slack with various odd jobs here and there, but it’s hardly been enough. With money tight and my medical bills piling up, our household has been under a lot of stress. Our three kids, though young, feel the tension and I hate that they have to see us like this.

We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs in our seven years together, but nothing quite like this. From dealing with the usual chaos of raising kids to navigating financial worries when we bought our first house, we’ve managed to stick it out together. However, the current strain is showing us in a new light, particularly Liam.

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