My Husband Was Mocking My Underwear in a Group Chat with His Friends – He Soon Regretted It

I saw something I shouldn’t have seen on my husband’s phone that made me feel hurt and distant toward him. Luckily for us and our marriage, there was someone close to us who was able to mediate most cleverly. Now my husband sees his mistake and is atoning.

Tom and I, Anna, had been pinching pennies for months like crazy. This was all because my husband had his heart set on this sleek new sports car he’d been eyeing. Money was quite tight, so I had to put all my personal desires on the back burner.

That included holding back on refreshing my wardrobe. It meant I couldn’t even update my makeup and underwear collection. We were in FULL savings mode, and even small splurges were out of the question.

One evening two days ago, I was busy tidying up the living room when I noticed Tom’s phone needed charging. As I picked it up, right at that moment, it lit up with a notification. I usually respect his privacy, but the screen flashed a preview of a photo pop-up that caught my eye.


On closer inspection of the image, I realized it was my own underwear drawer! Overcome by curiosity, I unlocked his phone to take a peek. I found myself scrolling through a group chat filled with his closest friends.

There, alongside a photo of my plain, utilitarian underwear, was my husband’s comment. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read him saying he “doesn’t remember marrying a granny.” The caption for the post read, “Check out Anna’s granny panties!”

The post was followed by a flurry of laughing emojis and teasing comments from his friends. My heart just DROPPED! I was embarrassed, hurt, and felt utterly betrayed! I couldn’t believe that my husband was mocking me among his friends!

They’d left comments like, “Does your mother know Anna’s got her undies?” and “Well that underwear is surely a mood killer in the bedroom.” I couldn’t continue reading the comments as they became worse.

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