After a Long 12-Hour Shift, All I Found for Dinner Were Pizza Crusts Left by My Husband

My husband was so comfortable with not working that he wasn’t making an effort to find employment. One day he did something that broke the camel’s back and I finally lost it! I set about getting revenge on him in a way that forced him to change his ways completely.

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda and I am a 45-year-old married woman. I am not into handouts and have been working tirelessly. I’ve been juggling a full-time job and all the household chores. All the while my husband, Dave, 47, lounges around at home, doing the bare minimum.

Last week, he pushed me to my breaking point, and I decided it was time for some petty revenge! Grab some popcorn, because this one’s a good one! Before I get ahead of myself, let me start with a little background.

I am a nurse by profession and that means I work 12-hour shifts. My job, which I love and wouldn’t change for anything in the world, is physically and emotionally demanding. Meanwhile, Dave’s been unemployed for over a year.


Once in a while when I confront him, he claims “I’m looking for work.” But over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that what that means is he plays video games all day. OCCASIONALLY he’ll send out a resume.

Perhaps I am also a bit at fault as his enabler. Despite him doing nothing for the household, he expects me to cook, clean, and cater to his every whim. Last Friday was one of those days where EVERYTHING went wrong!

I was running on empty by the time my shift ended at the hospital. On my way home, I decided to order a pizza because I simply had no energy left to cook. As exhausted as I was, I looked forward to finally sitting down and enjoying a nice meal not prepared by me.

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