My Husband’s Grown Children Interrupted Our Honeymoon to Demand Our Villa — They Learned a Valuable Lesson About Respect

My husband’s children hate me. They always have and always will, but fortunately, my husband took my side when he saw how cruel they were to me. He taught them a valuable lesson, which eventually made them apologize and rebuild our relationships.

My husband, Jack, is the dad of three kids over 21 years old. He was devastated when I met him two years after his wife passed away. He became a father at an early age and, sadly, also became a widower after a few years. About a year after we met, he introduced me to his kids, and we absolutely didn’t get along.

I understood why they were apprehensive about my relationship with their father, who is ten years my junior. He is 43 and I am 53. We have known each other for over nine years and have been engaged for four years. Throughout the stages of our relationship, not once did his children make me feel accepted.


I didn’t move in with their family until all of his kids were out of the house. When the time finally came for me to move in, I had fewer interactions with them as they went to college. Still, whenever we were together, they would talk about their mom and made sure I felt like an intruder in their family. This was despite me telling them that I was not trying to replace their mother.

When Jack proposed, his children started disrespecting me even more, but behind Jack’s back. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want them to argue. I was well aware that their family had gone through so much already, especially Jack, who had to raise his kids singlehandedly for years.

Jack felt he had to fill in the hole their mother left. So he worked twice as hard to provide his children with a luxurious life, even after they moved out of the house.

Anyway, we had our wedding a few weeks back. It was a small civil ceremony and his children did not attend, claiming they all had other important commitments. Since it was a small event, we did not mind. We decided to go all out and spend more on our honeymoon, which we took in the Bahamas.

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