My Mother-in-Law Attempted to Wreck Our Wedding by Setting Us Against One Another

Maya, as a wedding planner, is used to crazy weddings. So, when her wedding rolls around, she thinks that she has planned everything right down to the final detail. Until her fiancé goes missing and her mother-in-law plots for the end of their relationship…

As a wedding planner, I’ve had my fair share of crazy weddings. From bridezillas to lazy grooms, to the most insane requests. Once, I had a couple who wanted to say their vows on a hot air balloon — only for the bride to realize that she was afraid of heights.

For my wedding, I was so sure that Fred and I were ready. That we had finally gotten everything done right. But I even so, I wanted my colleague, Jenna, to take over the logistics behind the wedding. I wanted to have my moment as a bride.

Fred knew that I was in my element when it came to our wedding, so he left everything to me — other than making sure that there would be sliders are the wedding reception, everything was on me.

We met Jenna in a restaurant about a year before our wedding, and I gave her everything she needed to know in a planner. It was going to be easy for her — all she needed to do was the admin behind the plans. And to bring the vision to life.


“Maya,” she said, sipping on her drink. “This is perfect. You’ve planned everything.”

“I just don’t want to be bogged down with the planning part of it,” I said, sipping a cocktail.

“And having you around will be so much better,” Fred chuckled. “Show Maya options that are friendly to my pocket.”

It was all perfect.

Everything was ticking along perfectly, with each detail meticulously planned and poised for what was meant to be the happiest day of our lives.

Until three nights before the wedding, when all hell broke loose.

It must have been around 8PM, and I was unwinding by watching reality television and eating a slice of pie.

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