I Believed My Boss Aimed to Charm My Husband, but My Concerns Faded When I Discovered Her True Intentions

My boss frequently treated me poorly, resulting in an increasingly uncomfortable atmosphere at work. Matters took a peculiar turn when I observed her strange fixation on my husband. Initially, I suspected she was attempting to seduce him, but my suspicions waned upon receiving an unexpected request from her.

Working at a small tech company felt like being part of a tight-knit family. I started in this company as a customer service representative and all was well until the office manager who hired me resigned.

This manager was replaced by Sarah, who was originally a billing representative and is now the chief manager. From day one, Sarah seemed to have it out for me, nitpicking my work despite my consistent performance and positive customer feedback.

My husband, working in a different department, noticed but stayed out of it, focusing on his work. Sarah’s brother, who also worked with my husband, never mentioned anything unusual, keeping to himself.


The atmosphere at work became increasingly uncomfortable, especially when performance review time rolled around. While my colleagues received substantial raises, Sarah handed me a mere nickel increase, without a valid explanation. I vented to the owner, but my concerns were dismissed, attributed to Sarah’s long tenure with the company.

But then, things took a strange turn. I couldn’t help but notice Sarah’s odd fascination with my husband. She watched him and followed him around. One evening, after dinner, I questioned Tom in our cozy living room.

“Tom,” I began, my voice tinging with concern, “I’ve been noticing something at work… about Sarah. It’s been making me uncomfortable.”

My husband set down his mug, his expression turning serious. “What’s going on?”

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