I Overheard My MIL Lying to Her Friends about Me Doing No Chores at Home & Decided to Outplay Her

When Allison invited her mother-in-law’s friends over for an early brunch, little did they know they were about to uncover the truth behind months of false tales and witness a family dynamic transform right before their eyes.

Six weeks ago, my life changed forever—I became a mom to a beautiful baby boy. It’s been the most incredible yet toughest journey. My husband, Sammy, had to leave for a work project right after our son was born.

So, we planned for his mom to move in with us to help during the first few months. She promised to handle everything so I could recover from the delivery and focus on our newborn.

Life at home is not how I imagined, though. From the moment she arrived, my mother-in-law (MIL) seemed more interested in resting than helping. She quickly claimed her spot on the sofa, diving into her favorite TV series.


She also often mentions how her back pain keeps her from doing too much. I appreciate that she might be in discomfort, but it leaves me to manage everything—meals, cleaning, and, most of all, taking care of our son.

Each day feels like a marathon. I’m up with the baby several times at night, and by the time the sun rises, I’m already exhausted but need to start my day. Breakfast needs to be made, then the endless cycle of laundry, cleaning up, and of course, ensuring our little one is fed, changed, and happy.

Babies sure know how to double your laundry load! By mid-morning, I’ve usually forgotten about rest, my hair is a mess, and I’ve probably reheated my morning coffee three times already.

During these mornings and afternoons, my MIL continues her marathon too—of TV episodes. Occasionally, she’ll mention how much she wishes she could help more but is just too sore to move. Yet, as evening approaches, something remarkable happens. Her pain seems to miraculously fade, especially when her friends come over.

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