Our Granddaughter Demanded We Give Her Our Villa as It Was Nicer despite Us Paying for Vacation – I Taught Her a Lesson

My plan to treat my grandkids to a luxurious family vacation took an unexpected turn when one of my granddaughters demanded the grandest accommodation. I decided to take the unconventional route to teach her a memorable lesson.

So, my husband, John, and I, we’ve been pretty lucky in life, and we wanted to do something special for our family. Our granddaughter, Robin, got married recently, and we thought, “Why not celebrate with a big family vacation?”

We picked Bora Bora because, honestly, who doesn’t dream of going there? It’s like one of those places you see on postcards and think, “People actually go there?” Yes, they do, and we decided we were going to be those people.

We got a great deal on this trip. We found this beautiful place that had room for all of us – three bungalows for the grandkids and their families, and one big villa for John and me.


Villas by the beach in Bora Bora | Source: Shutterstock

The bungalows were nice, each one a thousand square feet with a king bed or two queens, a bathroom, and some outdoor space.

But the villa, oh boy, it was something else. Four thousand square feet all to ourselves, with a bedroom, a bathroom that had a sauna, a living room, and the best part, an outdoor area with a bathtub, a pool, and a slide straight into the ocean. It was paradise.

Now, we hadn’t even been there for a full day when the trouble started. We were all having dinner together, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the waves, when my other granddaughter, Jenny, said something about wanting to use our slide.

Robin, who hadn’t seen our villa yet, asked to see pictures. I showed her, thinking she’d be excited. Instead, she got upset. Really upset.

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