I Went to See My Pregnant Sister, and After Observing Her Husband’s Behavior, I Took Action to Educate Him

When I planned my visit to see my heavily pregnant sister, I never anticipated witnessing her husband’s neglectful behavior firsthand. But once I did, I took matters into my own hands using a watermelon and an inventive bet, forever altering their domestic dynamics.

What do you do when you arrive to visit your sister, who is on the verge of giving birth, and discover she’s being treated more like household help than a cherished partner?

This unsettling scenario unfolded during a business trip that required me to stay several nights at my sister’s residence.


Upon entering their home, the atmosphere felt off. My sister Lily, a figure of maternal endurance, navigated her home with a belly that signaled her due date was near. Her face bore the pallor of fatigue, and dark circles under her eyes told tales of sleepless nights. The exhaustion seemed almost palpable, radiating from her in waves of silent distress.

Meanwhile, her husband, whom I’ll refer to as “Mark” to maintain some anonymity (though his actions might warrant less protection), was the picture of relaxation. Reclined on the couch with a game controller in hand, his attention was fixed on the television screen, utterly oblivious to Lily’s discomfort.

The reality of Lily’s daily life quickly became apparent. That first evening, I observed as she served a homemade pasta dish, which she managed to prepare despite her obvious physical strain. Mark, however, barely acknowledged her efforts. After taking a single bite, he grimaced and complained, “Ugh, this is cold. I’m taking this upstairs.” He then retreated to their bedroom, leaving Lily to manage the aftermath of the meal alone.

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