4 Tales of Mother-in-Laws Who Made Life Difficult for Their Daughters-in-Law

These accounts explore the stormy relationships between women and their mothers-in-law or soon-to-be in-laws. From handling husbands overly attached to their mothers to navigating poorly planned family events, these stories highlight the intricate dynamics between mothers-in-law and their sons’ wives.

These four narratives illustrate the hurdles in fostering amicable relationships with in-laws, especially mothers-in-law. Each story portrays individuals forced to establish clear boundaries with in-laws who appeared determined to undermine them.

Husband Prioritizes Mother Over Wife Until She Threatens to Leave

A woman on Reddit questioned the reasonableness of giving her husband an ultimatum after his consistent absence during her pregnancy. Married for six months and together for five years, she was six months pregnant and feeling neglected.


She described her husband’s deep bond with his mother, noting that he spent more time talking and being with her than with his wife. The tipping point came when, during her sixth month of pregnancy, she asked her husband to be more present at home. His response was that it would cut into his time with his mother. He even stated, “You know my mom comes first.”

Shocked but resilient, she carried on with her preparations alone, even as her mother-in-law gloated about ‘winning’ her son’s time over the phone. The situation worsened around their anniversary when, despite her efforts to celebrate, her husband chose to spend the day at his mother’s house. After confronting him, she received texts from him and his mother accusing her of being jealous and disrespectful.

Following her Reddit post, she thanked the community for their support and expressed concern that her mother-in-law was competing with her for her husband’s attention, hinting at a possible ultimatum to resolve the worsening situation.

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