I discovered a hidden list my husband kept of 15 women employees, with a ‘+’ sign marked beside 11 of their names

When I found a secretive notebook in my husband’s study, it seemed to hint at grave misdeeds! I confided in a close friend, determined to confront him over what appeared to be evidence of betrayal. However, I soon learned I had completely misinterpreted the situation.

My husband, a dedicated entrepreneur, manages a company with a sizable staff. His work often requires him to stay late at the office, which was also the case on the evening in question as he was prepping for a pivotal conference the next day.

This conference was crucial for him, and he had been absorbed in planning for several weeks. With Todd away, I decided to undertake a thorough cleaning of our home, ending with his office on the second floor.

As I tidied and dusted his office, I opted to organize the clutter in his desk drawer. Amidst the clutter, I found a notebook I hadn’t noticed before.

Driven by curiosity, I opened it and began to look through it. My heart stopped when I found a page listing fifteen female names.


Beside eleven of these names were plus signs, some even multiple. My pulse quickened as I realized I recognized these names. I quickly called my friend Lisa, who also worked at Todd’s company. “Hey Lee, are these names familiar?” I read out the names.

“Yes, all of them are our colleagues,” Lisa responded, her tone laden with concern. My mind raced as she confirmed their identities. I told her where I had found the notebook. “I’ve seen that notebook in his office. What about it?” Suddenly, everything seemed to add up. Todd had been more distant, and our relationship had cooled.

I jumped to the conclusion that he was having affairs with these women. The pluses, I presumed, marked the frequency of these betrayals. Feeling my world collapsing around me, I hastily left for Lisa’s apartment.

There, overwhelmed with grief, I broke down. Lisa comforted me, offering wine and a sympathetic ear. As the wine flowed, our emotions intensified.

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