On Our 10-Year Wedding Anniversary, My Husband Suggested We Try an Open Relationship — I Agreed, Mainly to Make a Point

On the evening of our decade-long marriage anniversary, my husband unveiled a startling idea: he proposed we experiment with an open relationship. Taken aback yet determined, I consented, aiming to teach him a lesson. As he struggled to adapt to the modern dating world, I flourished, causing a mix of jealousy and strain. Now, the question remains whether our already tense relationship can endure this bold trial.

So there we were, Dave and I, in a ritzy restaurant he had chosen for our ten-year anniversary dinner. The setting was romantic—candlelit tables, soft music playing in the background, seemingly plucked from a romantic comedy. Yet, there I was, about to receive a life-altering suggestion from my husband.

“Felicity,” Dave began, his tone oddly nonchalant as if he was merely inquiring about ordering dessert. “I’ve been thinking…”

Now, when Dave mentions he’s been thinking, it usually signals something dubious. This is the man who once decided to hang Christmas lights in July because he thought it would ‘save time.’ Clearly, I was on alert.

“Go on,” I responded, striving to keep my voice steady despite the anxiety churning inside me.

“Well, you’ve mentioned how exhausted you are lately, what with managing the kids and everything. So, I was thinking… perhaps we should consider opening up our relationship.”


My reaction was automatic: blink, blink, and blink again, just to ensure I wasn’t imagining things. “Could you repeat that?”

He leaned in, his eyes brimming with a kind of zealous naivety. “Imagine this: if I’m out, enjoying time with other women, you can relax more with the kids. You won’t have to worry about me. It’s a win-win situation!”

Hearing him refer to ‘real women’ shattered a little piece of my heart.

“Real women?” I murmured, voice faltering.

“Yeah, it’d be like a favor to you. Less pressure, right?”

The urge to react dramatically was strong—I considered throwing my wine in his face or causing a scene worthy of daytime TV. However, inspiration struck, leading me to a much more cunning approach.

Smiling wryly, I said, “You know what, Dave? That sounds like a fantastic idea.”

His expression lit up like a child on Christmas. “Really?”

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