My 5-Year-Old Son Objected to My Wedding – His Reason Made Everyone Go Pale

Diana feels happy and nervous as she gets ready to marry Tom. But her five-year-old son’s objection stuns everyone and brings the ceremony to a halt. As the guests murmur in shock, Ethan reveals a secret that makes everyone go pale. What does Ethan know about Tom that could change everything?

I stood in the small cottage beside the garden, surrounded by my bridesmaids.

It was the morning of my wedding, and I was both excited and nervous.

The cottage smelled sweet with flowers, and through the windows, I could see guests arriving and sitting down.


My bridesmaids, in soft lavender dresses, moved around me, fixing my hair and adjusting my dress.

They chatted and laughed, their joy spreading to me.

I smiled, thinking about the journey that led me here.

Tom and I had been together for three years. He came into my life when I needed him most, and he had been everything I hoped for in a partner.

More importantly, he had been a wonderful father figure for Ethan, my five-year-old son.

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