I Rushed to My Husband after the Accident, but He Only Remembered His Ex – Story of the Day

My heart pounded as I headed to the hospital through the night-shrouded streets of San Francisco, fearing the worst. I found my husband, Nathan, with his head bandaged and his memory lost. The only one he clearly remembered was his ex Cora, who already fluttered around him. I wondered if our love could withstand the test of forgotten pasts.

In the heart of San Francisco, as the golden glow of sunset bathed the city in a warm embrace, I stood by the window of our cozy little apartment, lost in dreams of the day I would direct my first film.

The room around me was a testament to our shared life and passions. The walls were adorned with Nathan’s stunning photographs, many of which included candid shots of me caught in moments of laughter or deep in thought.

The aroma of fresh tea filled the space, a comforting ritual Nathan insisted on every evening. It was our time to reconnect after a day’s work, to share ideas, or enjoy the silence together.


He was at his desk, his gaze intense as he edited his latest shots. The soft clicks of his keyboard were a familiar soundtrack in our shared space.

Our apartment, a small but bright space with views of the bustling streets below, was more than just a home; it was a creative haven where our dreams had room to grow.

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