My Husband Betrayed Me, So I Brought His Mistress and Him to Tears as My Retaliation

My husband’s infidelity transformed me into a woman who took drastic measures to make him and his mistress regret their actions. After enjoying over a decade of what seemed like a happy marriage, I was blindsided by the truth about my husband. Here’s the story of how his mistress and he ended up pleading for my help!

Living through the revelation of my husband’s betrayal felt like navigating an endless tempest. My name is Maya, I’m 54, and for nearly two years, I’ve been coping with the aftermath of Steven’s, 55, unfaithfulness.

We had always seemed content and aligned in our life’s goals until one day, his infidelity came to light unexpectedly. He was showering, preparing for a “work meeting,” when his phone, identical to mine, chimed with a new message.

I picked it up without a thought, believing it was mine. The message on his phone read: “Can’t wait for dinner later. But I’m truly looking forward to dessert.”


Disguising my shock, I noted the number. Later, as Steven left, freshly groomed, claiming he’d be late, I dialed the number.

It was a young woman, 22-year-old Stella, who scoffed at my confrontation. Aware of tearing apart my marriage, she insulted me, saying, “I saw your social media picture, now I know why Stevie prefers me!” She taunted me about my appearance, commenting on my smile and forehead wrinkles as signs of age.

Unapologetic, she ended our call with a snide, “Thanks, grandma. OUR MAN has been good to me for four years. Meeting him soon. Cheerio!” Her words confirmed the grim reality of my situation.

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