Couple asks neighbor to take kids at 3am, stunned when the answer is ‘no’

Many people find it rewarding to assist their neighbor when they are in need. But occasionally, the request is too great, and some people are unwilling to go above and beyond.

To find out where this neighbor drew the line, read the story through.

Many people find laboring to be a stressful experience, particularly those who are already parents. Making childcare arrangements can be difficult if the labor arrives unexpectedly and no preparations have been made.

Even while some individuals have a plan in place, sometimes your entire schedule might be completely thrown off when labor starts suddenly. When this woman went into labor, she hurried to the hospital without giving any thought to who would look after her older children. She shared her experience on Reddit to get feedback from users.


A mother of 26 years old wrote on social media about moving to a new apartment complex a year prior. Being in a newly constructed building, their neighbors had all moved in at roughly the same time as them and were still getting to know one another.

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